Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Groovy Tie-Dye Party!

My little cupcake turned four over the weekend and her party was a tie-dye theme! It was sooo much fun, and the cupcakes and cake were a lot of fun to make for her too! I did plain chocolate cupcake with tie-dye swirled buttercream frosting and sprinkles. Then for the cake I made a tie-dye cake, with vanilla cream filling and buttercream frosting pipped on to match her tie-dye shirt she wore that day. It was all a big hit!!!

It's been a long time!

Geesh has it really been 3 months since I posted any yummy new dessert recipes??? I guess that seems about right. I've been rather busy and a little bit sick so I hadn't done much baking except a thing here and there. Now that I'm feeling better tho and holidays and fun stuff coming up I promise to have more posts for yummy desserts!


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