Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twins Birthday Cupcakes

No Bake Bars

One of our favorite cookies growing up were No Bake cookies... ya know the ones with oatmeal, cocoa, peanut butter, sugar..... so easy, and so yummy! Well I needed a simple recipe and didn't have much time to make it so I though about the No Bakes... and decided to make them into bars instead. They were a huge hit!
What you'll need:
3 C quick oats
1/2 sticks of butter
1 C chocolate chips
1/2 C peanut butter
In a pot on the stove melt the butter, once melted stir in the oats and cook for about one minute until the oats are completely covered with the butter. Pour half the mixture in an 8x8 pan (or I used a 4x9 pan) pat the mixture down into the bottom of the pan to make a crust like bottom. Then in a microwave safe bowl melt the chocolate chips and the peanut butter until creamy. I did 30 second intervals and it took about 1 minute total. One melted pour the mixture over the crust and spread out evenly. Then sprinkle the remaining oat mixture on top of that. I saved a little of the chocolate/peanut butter mixture and drizzled it over the top to finish it off.
Place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours to set. Then remove, let it come to room temp and cut into bars.
And as always... ENJOY!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Chili's Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie

Do you know the Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie I'm talking about? The one in this photo. It's a combination of many sinful things... graham cracker crumb crust, chocolate chips, coconut, walnuts, lots of brown sugar, butter, topped with ice cream and of course chocolate fudge and Carmel too. OH and throw in a few more walnuts on top too. THIS dessert has always been my favorite dessert when I go to Chili's. Granted I don't go there often. In fact I think I've been twice in the last year? But both times I ordered this. Only this. With some coffee too of course. I don't eat it all myself. But it does get finished off.
Well I was going to attempt to make this dessert for a party this weekend. I did a quick google search for the recipe and what I found made me a little sad and a little nauseous.
Each of these a la mode desserts represented a whopping 1,590 calories. EACH ONE. Think about it - even if you order the dessert and 4 spoons to share with 3 other family members or friends at your table, we are still talking about 398 calories just for dessert! The entire dessert also contributes 37 grams of saturated fat - imagine that! That's the same amount of saturated fat in two Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese from McDonalds (there are 19 grams of saturated fat in each Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese).
Needless to say this is not going to be on the menu for the party this weekend! Nor at my table the next time we are at Chili's.

NASCAR Birthday

We're big NASCAR fans in our house... we all have our favorite drivers and hubby and I have been lucky enough to enjoy a few races live. (which if you haven't ever done and get the opportunity to do so.... DO IT. It's the most fun!!!) So when I got an order for a NASCAR cake I had a lot of ideas in my mind already. I thought about doing a race track but the kit I needed couldn't get here in time for me to do it. Then I thought a big tire would be so cool. Unfortunately also too time consuming since we were going out of town. So I asked what his favorite driver was... much to my surprise it was my hubby's favorite driver too. Kasey Kahne. (can you say HOT!!!) So I thought about it and this was what we ended up with. I was happy with it and think the costumer was too!

A very Charlie Brown Birthday

I tested out a new chocolate fudge recipe when I made this cake and lets just say.... it is now my new favorite chocolate frosting. It was sinfully delicious! This customer was looking for a cake for her boyfriend for his birthday... all she said was chocolate was a must and he loved Charlie Brown. So I went with the classic Charlie Brown shirt. So cute!

It's been a long time

OH my! Has it really been 5 weeks since my last post? I guess between all the baking and the holidays, and the after holidays activities.... I haven't been updating. But I have a few things I've done since this last time I was here that I'll be sharing with you. And a few things that I have coming up in the next few weeks... Valentines Day, LOTS of birthdays including a special little girl who's about to turn THREE!


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