Friday, September 25, 2009

CakeBall Order

I need more cakeball orders so that I can perfect the method! These little guys are sooo yummy, but they take so much work to make them look good! I'm playing around with different varieties... threw some powdered sugar ones in there, some with coconut, and then the standard candy coated ones. What other coatings would you love to try? I'm open to any and all suggestions!


  1. Ok...I'm wondering if you freeze the cake balls, then use magic shell??? I'm thinking that would work. The coating would be hard and fairly easy to do. What do you think?

  2. I'm not sure? I do freeze them for a while so that may work. I've also toyed around with the idea of how mom used to do them when we were kids.

  3. I had these at a baby shower on lollipop sticks and were in a flower pot. It was cute. They were dipped in different colors of chocolate.



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