Friday, January 22, 2010

NASCAR Birthday

We're big NASCAR fans in our house... we all have our favorite drivers and hubby and I have been lucky enough to enjoy a few races live. (which if you haven't ever done and get the opportunity to do so.... DO IT. It's the most fun!!!) So when I got an order for a NASCAR cake I had a lot of ideas in my mind already. I thought about doing a race track but the kit I needed couldn't get here in time for me to do it. Then I thought a big tire would be so cool. Unfortunately also too time consuming since we were going out of town. So I asked what his favorite driver was... much to my surprise it was my hubby's favorite driver too. Kasey Kahne. (can you say HOT!!!) So I thought about it and this was what we ended up with. I was happy with it and think the costumer was too!

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