Saturday, October 17, 2009

A new twist on a classic Saturday morning breakfast!

We started a tradition a while back of Cinnamon Rolls on Saturday mornings. We tried all different kinds - regular, orange (a personal favorite of mine), even chocolate. I started playing around with them and decided to cut them up in to little chunks and then put them in a muffin pan to bake. The result comes out like individual little monkey breads! (which I'll be posting the recipe for in a few days) YUMMY. From there we've done all sorts of different things. Added nuts, raisins, caramel topping, and the classic white icing as well. So yummy, and my daughter thinks so too! :)


  1. Wow that is a great idea. I love the middle one, so everyone could get their own middle!

  2. Exactly!!! No more fighting over the middle one anymore! (which is my favorite too!!)

  3. I have the fondest memories of monkey bread, I need to make that this weekend!!! Yummy. Laney your so crafty and Martha Stewartesk..



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